Lately narry, niam, lirry and ziall have been so alive and i’m just here salty bc zayn wont even look at harry

i feel u

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i said to people to kik me so we could talk about zarry and this person kiked me so i assume he wanted to talk about zarry

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where did zarry go?

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hi there it’s me julia again, i just wanted to let you know that i have a kik ‘glowingbanana’ if you wanna be bffs and cry over zarry together just kik me x

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i need friends who ship zarry, simply bc i don’t have any friends who ship zarry, and also new friends are fun. So hi i’m julia, i’m 20 and i ship zarry

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but Zayn in the background smiling fondly at Harry when he yells “long hair don’t care” like he looks so proud and happy for Harry that he finally stopped caring what people think and i :))))


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zayn setting the record straight x

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my two newest tattoos “MCMXII” aka 1912 aka the year titanic sank and then an airplane bc i love airplanes and at the same time i’m convinced I’ll die in a plane crash so i got it for good luck i guess

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am i tumblr yet?

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