hiii so i already have lists of twitter users that i will write down if Jamie wins but i was thinking id do the same with Instagram users since the boys do have instagram


so just send me your vote (( the link is in my bio )) and I’ll add your instagram if we do make it! it’s 6 days left and it’d be awesome if you could vote every day on all your devices! thank you so much🌞

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i think there was something wrong with the bird bc i could get this close to it and i didn’t even zoom in.. i named him Charlie

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Untitled on We Heart It

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Don’t ya tell me this isn’t the cutest thing.

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a birthday gif to myself :3

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ten years? already?

I still think this is one of the best movie entrances ever

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the tickets are booked and ready, internet friends ARE real! 😍 would be awesome if we won the front row thing though so if you wanna vote the link is in my bio and here but i don’t think links works here lol http://www.hot995.com/pages/1d/?i1

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Anonymous: don't use the word nigga and dont spam the tags

technically i am one so yea, and sorry for the tags 

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