Anonymous: wha t the fcuk the gifs of zarry and that little kid like.... zayn isnt even looking at the kid hes just looking at harry and his face is all soft and open and what the hell man what th eh ell


they just need 2 stop fucking around and adopt 4 kids and a zoo

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Reblog if it’s okay to start talking to you.

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do they not know that it’s justin bieber making out with a random model

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zarry @ everyone:



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I will NEVER get over this!!!!!!!

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 Zayn Malik appreciation week: 

Day 4: Favorite relationship

"There is not much not to love about Harry"

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pretty cozy 🌿

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apparently my room is pretty tumblr-ish

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i dont have to prove anything to anyone about my otp i just enjoy the ride of sexualfrustration & inappropriate touching, and lets not forget the adoration & i dont hurt anyone in the process.



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